10 Of The Worst Tattoo Ever And What You Can Learn From Them

While some tattoos are simply a work of art, others are so poorly executed that their mere existence is embarrassing, senseless, laughable, and cringe-worthy. There is no shortage of tattoo regret stories.

Let’s go through 10 of the worst tattoo fails that have surfaced on the internet!

P.S: Some bad decisions were made. #noragrets


  1. A Tribute to Marilyn Monroe

Marylyn Monroe Portrait Tattoo Fail

Via: Reddit.com

….If that’s her.

Portraits are a risky bet. People often get tattoos of their favorite celebrities or loved ones to celebrate or remember them. These tattoos require expertise, and when in the wrong hands, can end in disasters. Just like this one, where Marilyn Monroe looks like a woman in pain.

Lesson Learnt: Think Twice before getting a portrait tattoo.


  1. Except for this work of art.

Quotes tattoo fail, worst tattoos ever! Via: justsomething.co

People often get a quote or a saying tattooed. ‘Strenth and courage’, ‘you only life once’ and ‘nothing last’s forever’ are some of them. But they forget to proofread! That results in a lot of misspelled words.

Lesson Learnt: Proofread the tattoo – grammar, punctuation, verbs, EVERYHING.


  1. Agreed.

Bad Idea Tattoo Regret Via: buzzfeed.com

A night out and a few drinks bring out all the energy needed to make stupid decisions confidently. Next morning – A hangover and a tattoo on the back!

Lesson Learnt: Don’t drink and ink.

  1. Why is this man wearing sunglasses at the back of his head?

Weirdest tattoos ever! face tattoo on the back of his head Via: inkedmag.com

People have been very creative when it comes to choosing a location for the tattoo. Back of their heads, underarms and genitals have been some of the weirdest requests.

Lesson Learnt: Two-faced people exist.

  1. 6 Packs Tat

6 packs beer tattoo on stomach funniest tattoos ever Via: Boredpanda.com

This man knows how to realise ‘the’ dream. Instead of working out, it’s easier to just get  ‘6 packs’ tattooed on your stomach! No sweat.

Lesson Learnt: Tattooed 6 packs are forever.


  1. Oops!… I did it again.

ex tattoo fails worst tattoos ever! Via: boredpanda.com

Things change, people change, LOVE changes! There are so many people who regret having tattooed their lover’s name or face. While most of the cover-ups are simple, some of them are hilarious. A devil over the ex’s face makes total sense, right?

Lesson Learnt: Choose a tattoo that will stay timeless.

  1. Almost.

bad tattoo fails Via: boredpanda.com

How a tattoo was visualized may not translate into reality. It’s all about finding the right person for the job! Remember that tattoos are permanent changes to the body. Do not go ahead with it if you feel even a little unsure. Make an excuse and leave. ‘I need to think about it more’ will work.

Lesson Learnt: Find an experienced tattoo artist to do the job.


  1. Whoa, why do I see two of you?

nonsense feet tattoo fail Via: inkedmag.com

Tattoos can be good reminders. Like reminding you where your feet are or what the logo of Mc. Donald’s looks like.

Lesson Learnt: Two sets of feet help running faster.


  1. Tattoo support is a real thing.

So bad that its too good - funniest tattoos ever Via: inkedmag.com

The tattoo will never leave your side, even when your friends may abandon you. You’ve got it for life!

Lesson Learnt: The tattoo will always have your back.


  1. Couldn’t find the chessboard at home. Ah, here it is!

Chess Face tattoo worst tattoos ever Via: thesun.co.uk


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