All Celebrities that got their Tattoos Removed

Or did they?

Celebrities these days have tons of tattoos adorning their skin. In fact, some celebrities are almost unrecognizable without their tattoos! Tattooing has become a prominent part of pop culture. Yet many celebrities choose to part ways with their tattoos. Tattoo regret is not uncommon, even in the entertainment industry! Let’s look through some of the most well-known celebrities saying goodbye to their tattoos (or rumors of the same):


  1. Mark Wahlberg Tattoo Removal
  2. 50 Cent Tattoo Removal
  3. Ruby Rose Tattoo Removal
  4. Megan Fox Tattoo Removal
  5. Mike Tyson Face Tattoo Removed?
  6. Post Malone Tattoo Removal
  7. Pharrell Tattoo Removal
  8. 6ix9ine Tattoo Removal
  9. Justin Bieber Face Tattoo Removal
  10. Did Justin Bieber remove Selena tattoo?
  11. Chris Evans Tattoo Removed
  12. Khloe Kardashian Tattoo Removal
  13. Did Wiz Khalifa remove his tattoos?
  14. J Balvin Tattoo Removal
  15. Lil Xan Tattoo Removal
  16. Adrienne Bailon Rob Tattoo Removed
  17. Angelina Jolie Tattoo Removal
  18. Did Harry Styles get his late late tattoo removed?
  19. Beyonce Tattoo Removal
  20. Eminem ‘ROT IN PIECES’ tattoo removed?
  21. Lea Michele Tattoo Removal
  22. Blac Chyna Future Tattoo Removed
  23. Did Amber Rose get Wiz Khalifa tattoo removed?
  24. Kailyn Lowry Tattoo Removal
  25. Mary J. Blige Tattoo Removal Right Arm
  26. Nev Schulman Tattoo Removal
  27. Nicole Richie Tattoo Removal
  28. Ariana Grande Tattoo Removal
  29. Rihanna Chest Tattoo Removed?
  30. Machine Gun Kelly Tattoo Removal
  31. Pete Davidson Tattoo Removal
  32. Ben Affleck Back Tattoo Removal 
  33. Presley Walker Gerber Tattoo Removal
  34. Jamie Foxx Head Tattoo Removal 
  35. Amanda Bynes Face Tattoo Removal



Mark Wahlberg Tattoo Removal

Mark Wahlberg Celebrity tattoo Removal
Sources: (left), (right)

Young Mark had about 8-9 tattoos all over his body. Be it the Bob Marley tattoo on his left arm or the crucifix tattooed around his neck, each carried some personal or professional significance to him. Around the shooting of his 2010 film, The Fighter, Mark decided to get rid of all of his tattoos. For Mark, this was a reflection of his growth and maturity. He also wanted to deter his children from following in his footsteps. To this end, he even took his children to the laser removal sessions to show the pain he was having to go through. Mark underwent several laser sessions over 5 years to be tattoo-free. He describes the pain as “hot bacon grease getting flicked on you over and over and over again.”



50 Cent Tattoo Removal

The artist behind the hit song ‘Candy Shop’ 50 Cent has also undergone tattoo removal. In 2010, as the rapper was traversing his newfound acting career, he felt the need to remove his tattoos.  It mostly had to do with extremely early reporting time at sets to cover up his tattoos. While 50 Cent has removed his arm tattoos, he continues to savor his back tattoo.



50 Cent Tattoo Removal Before and After

50 Cent Tattoo Removal Before and After
Sources: (left), (right)



Ruby Rose Tattoo Removal

Ruby Rose Celebrity Tattoo Removal
Sources: (left), (right)

Ruby Rose, well known for her roles in Orange Is the New Black, Batwoman, XXX: Return of the Xander Cage, and Picture Perfect 3, to name a few, has 45+ tattoos. She often has to cover up her body art during shoots. One tattoo that had been causing her trouble is her ‘Just Love’ knuckle tattoo, where the cover-up makeup washes off easily. And although reports claimed Rose would be getting the tattoo lasered off completely, the tattoo is still faintly visible. 



Megan Fox Tattoo Removal

Megan Fox Tattoo Removal
Sources: (left), (right)

Another celebrated model and actress, Megan Fox, underwent laser removal to get rid of the Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her right forearm. Being one of the first faces she ever saw on-screen, Fox empathized with Monroe from a very young age. She got this tattoo as a tribute to her role model. Much later, in an Esquire interview, Fox became aware of the darker side of Monroe’s life. She found that Marilyn had had a very difficult life since childhood. She had moved in and out of many foster homes and had even suffered sexual abuse. Despite making it big in show business later in life, Marilyn suffered from drug addiction and depression. Megan Fox no longer wanted to be associated with such negative energy and made the decision of removing this tattoo.



Mike Tyson Face Tattoo Removed?

Mike Tyson Face Tattoo Removed? | Celebrity Tattoo Removal

The boxing legend Mike Tyson got a tribal tattoo on his face in 2003. His initial plan was to get hearts tattooed on his face, to show that he was the ‘The Man of Hearts’. His tattoo artist was against this idea and suggested this tattoo instead. Tyson loved the design and what it portrayed, the sign of a brave warrior. On 1st April 2013, Mike Tyson took to Twitter to share his tattoo removal plans, “At the doctors office this morning. Getting this tattoo removed from my face. This is going to be painful.” But turns out it was an April Fool’s Joke! Tyson continues to rock his face tattoo. 



Post Malone Tattoo Removal

Post Malone Before and After he got his tattoos | Celebrity Tattoo Removal
Sources: (left), (right)

Post Malone is equally known for his tattoo collection as he is for his music. He has more than 60 tattoos! In fact, it is difficult to picture Post Malone without his face tattoos. The reason behind his inks, however, is not a happy one. In one of his interviews, Malone admitted to getting face tattoos to cover up his insecurities and lack of self-confidence. Mark Wahlberg, his co-actor from his debut film Spenser Confidential, advised him to slow down. Having gone through the painful removal process himself, Mark did not want Post Malone to have the same experience. Post Malone seems unaffected by warnings as he continues to add more tattoos to his diverse collection. 

Ever wondered what he looks like without his signature tats? Look at the picture above from his pre-tattoo era!




Pharrell Tattoo Removal

Pharrell Williams Tattoo Removal

In 2008, the ‘Happy’ singer Pharrell Williams decided to remove his arm sleeve tattoos. While his initial plan was to go through laser removal and a revolutionary skin grafting procedure, he ended up only doing the first. Some of the tattoos are still slightly visible. 



6ix9ine Tattoo Removal (Tekashi 69 Tattoo Removal)

Tekashi 6ix9ine Tattoo Removal?

Tekashi 6ix9ine, a rapper by profession, stands out with his rainbow hair and extensively tattooed skin. Tekashi 6ix9ine has had a troubled and controversial life. Apart from public feuds with fellow artists, Tekashi is also charged with several legal offenses including racketeering, drugs and weapons use, and involvement of a child in a sexual performance. In February 2019, he was charged with 9 offenses, including conspiracy to commit murder, for which he was up for possibly 47 years in jail. Takeshi decided to plead guilty and cooperate with the feds to oust the other Nine Trey gang members involved in the trial in exchange for a reduced prison term. Given the Covid-19 pandemic and his severe asthma, he was granted early release from jail. The remainder of his term was served in home confinement. Following his testimony, there were speculations that Tekashi will be brought under the witness protection program. To maintain a low profile, he may have to get rid of all his tattoos and colored hair. Tekashi has completed his home confinement. And while his safety is still a crucial issue, Tekashi has been fearlessly active on social media platforms, his tattoos nowhere gone.



Justin Bieber Face Tattoo Removal

Justin Bieber Tattoo Removal, 'Grace' | Celebrity Tattoo Removal

Justin Bieber is also famous for his tattoos. The artist behind the hit songs Baby, Yummy, and Lonely has over 50+ tattoos all over his body. Most of these tattoos are on his chest, arms, and legs. But one tattoo, in particular, has been the center of excitement and confusion. In November 2018, tattoo artist Jonboy posted a picture of Justin with the word ‘grace’ tattooed in delicate lettering above his right eyebrow. It is believed that Justin got this as part of a couple’s tattoos with his now-wife, Hailey Baldwin Bieber. And while the reasons behind the move are still unclear, it appears that Justin got rid of the tattoo within a few months. The tattoo is no longer visible on any of his recent social media posts. 



Did Justin Bieber Remove Selena Tattoo?

Justin Bieber stillhas his Selena Tattoo | Celebrity Tattoo Removal

When Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were dating, Justin got a Selena-inspired angel tattoo on his wrist in 2013. Their on-and-off relationship officially ended in 2018. Both have since moved on, and Justin is now married to model Hailey Baldwin. In 2016, Justin had tried to cover up the tattoo with some shading, but it didn’t make much difference. As per his recent social media posts, he still has the tattoo.



Chris Evans Tattoo Removed

Chris Evans Tattoo Removed | Captain America Star | Celebrity Tattoo Removal

Captain America star Chris Evans has a few tattoos himself. And while the exact number is unknown (Evans keeps his tattoos well concealed), he did remove one from his collection. Evans earlier had a Chinese symbol tattooed on his right bicep that was supposed to say ‘family’. It turned out that his tattoo meant ‘surname’ instead! He no longer has this tattoo. 



Khloe Kardashian Tattoo Removal,

Did Khloe get her Lamar Tattoo removed?

Khloe gets her Lamae tattoo removed | Khloe Kardashian Tattoo Removal

Unlike her elder sister Kim, Khloe Kardashian loves tattoos. But this was no guarantee against tattoo regret! Khloe has had two of her tattoos removed via laser removal. Within a month from meeting beau Lamar Odom, former NBA player, Khloe got married to him. She also had his initials ‘LO’ tattooed on her hand. Unfortunately, they parted ways in 2013. She has since had the tattoo removed.  Another tattoo she bid farewell to was the ‘daddy’ tattoo on her back, inked in honor of her late father, Robert Kardashian. None of the tattoos are visible in her recent posts.  



Did Wiz Khalifa remove his tattoos?

Did Wiz Khalifa Remove his tattoos?


Wiz Khalifa has tattoos everywhere, literally. In a 2009 video clip, he said that he would never want to remove any of his tattoos. The rapper wants to grow old with his tattoos! Wiz Khalifa continues to flaunt his tatted body.



J Balvin Tattoo Removal

J Balvin Tattoo Removal? | Celebrity Tattoo Removal

J Balvin got his first tattoo when he was just 12 years old. The Columbian singer now has about 34 tattoos, most of them covering his arms. There has been no confirmed news regarding Balvin removing any of his tattoos.



Lil Xan Tattoo Removal

Rapper, singer, and songwriter, Diego Leanos aka Lil Xan, has many tattoos. He has over 40 tattoos all over his body. As of now, Lil Xan has had no tattoos removed that we know of. But wonder what he looked like without his iconic face tattoos? Here you go!

Lil Xan before and after he got his tattoos
Sources: (left), (right)



Adrienne Bailon Rob Tattoo Removed

Adrienne Bailon says goodbye to Rob Kardashian tattoo on her backside

Back in 2007, Adrienne Bailon dated Rob Kardashian for two years. During their relationship, she got a tattoo of Rob’s name on her backside. Adrienne underwent laser removal to get rid of the tattoo in 2014.  



Angelina Jolie Tattoo Removal

Angelina Jolie Tattoo Removal | Celebrity Tattoo Removal
Sources: (left), (right)

When Angelina Jolie was married to Billy Bob Thornton in the early 2000s, she got his name tattooed on her arm with a dragon below it. Following their divorce in 2003, she had the tattoo removed. The same location now has a tattoo of the geographical coordinates of the birthplaces of her six kids. 



Did Harry Styles get his late late tattoo removed?

Harry Styles late late tattoo | Celebrity Tattoo Removal

Harry Styles is a human canvas. He has over 50 tattoos etched on his body. And while many of his tattoos carry personal significance for him, one of them seems to be a result of pure bad luck. While on the sets of The Late Late Show with the rest of the One Direction band, Harry turned out to be the unlucky winner in a tattoo lottery. The result? He now has ‘late late’ tattooed on his arm. There is no news of Harry removing his ‘Late Late’ tattoo. It’s probably still there!



Beyoncé Tattoo Removal

Beyonce thigh tattoo Removal | Celebrity Tattoo Removal

Beyoncé’s first tattoo was of an angel praying, located on her left thigh. She got this tattoo when she was just 21. The singer instantly regretted the ink and started laser surgery within a week. Her removal journey was very painful, and she was left with a visible scar. Beyoncé now has two tiny tattoos on her hands.



Eminem Tattoo Removal

Eminem Tattoo Removal

There is no confirmed news on Eminem removing any of his tattoos.



Eminem Rot in Pieces tattoo removed?

Eminem Rot in Pieces Tattoo

Eminem, one of the greatest rappers of this era, has several tattoos on his body. One of them seems to be a dig at his ex-wife Kim Scott. Tattooed around his navel is a tombstone with ‘KIM’ engraved on it, and under the grave is the phrase ‘ROT IN PIECES’. Eminem got this tattoo after a fight with his ex-wife. Although there is no news of Eminem removing this tattoo, it has considerably faded over time.  



Lea Michele Tattoo Removal

Lea Michele Tattoo Removal
Sources: (left), (right)
In 2012, Glee actress Lea Michele reportedly underwent laser removal to get rid of a red heart tattoo on her left middle finger. The singer-actress has 10+ tattoos. 

Blac Chyna Future Tattoo Removed

Blac Chyna Future tattoo removed

Back in 2015, when rumors went flying about Blac Chyna and Future dating, she seemed to have confirmed the news with a new tattoo. She got ‘Future’ inked on the side of her right hand. Future denied all dating rumors soon after. In 2016, Blac Chyna took to laser removal to have the name removed. And while she has covered up the tattoo with new ink of her 4-year-old daughter’s name, Dream, faint signs of the old tattoo are still visible. Blac Chyna now has 18+ tattoos.



Did Amber Rose get Wiz tattoo removed?

Amber Rose gets Wiz Khalifa tattoo covered up | Celebrity Tattoo Removal
Sources: (left), (right)

After 2 years of being together, Amber Rose married Wiz Khalifa in July 2013. To commemorate her love, she got Wiz Khalifa’s face tattooed on her arm. After the two split up in 2014, Amber began to hide the tattoo with pictures of roses. It was only in 2017 when she got a cover-up tattoo. What was earlier Wiz Khalifa’s face is now the face of British rock star Slash!



Kailyn Lowry Tattoo Removal

Kailyn Lowry Tattoo Removal

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry underwent laser removal to get rid of two of her many tattoos. The ‘Pride Over Pity’ tattoo on her collarbone, which also became the title of her memoir, was the result of an impulsive decision which she did not cherish for long. Kailyn got this tattoo removed in 2012. Another tattoo she bid farewell to was of a puzzle piece inked on her wrist. She began the removal process in 2013.



Mary J Blige Tattoo Removal Right Arm

Mary J Blige Name tattoo right arm | Celebrity Tattoo Removal

Singer, rapper, and actress Mary J. Blige has several inks on her body. She has a tattoo of her own name in gothic letters tattooed on her right arm. As per her latest posts, Blige still has her tattoo and has not gone for tattoo removal.



Nev Schulman Tattoo Removal

Nev Schulman Tattoo Removal

TV host and producer Nev Schulman (best known for Catfish) is another member of the tattoo regret club. At 17, Nev got a huge tattoo on his lower back. In 2017, Nev underwent laser removal to free himself from the tramp stamp!



Nicole Richie Tattoo Removal

Nicole Richie Back Tattoo | Celebrity Tattoo Removal

Fashion Designer and Actress Nicole Richie has 9 tattoos in total. Nevertheless, she doesn’t love all of them. In the first episode of her AOL web series “#CandidlyNicole”, Nicole took her viewers to a laser tattoo removal clinic. She wanted to get rid of the ‘tramp stamp’ cross tattooed on her backside. But after hearing how long the removal process would be, she decided not to go with it. There has been no other report of Nicole removing any of her tattoos.


Ariana Grande Tattoo Removal

Ariana Grande 7 rings tattoo mishap | Celebrity Tattoo Removal

Ariana Grande is one of the most popular singers of this generation. Following the success of her song ‘7 rings’, Ariana Grande decided to get a ‘7 rings’ tattoo in Japanese kanji characters. But her new tattoo said ‘small BBQ grills’ instead! She tried to get the tattoo fixed but ended up with another disaster – her tattoo now translated to ‘Japanese BBQ finger’. Following this incident, TMZ reported that Ariana was offered a million-dollar deal from a tattoo removal company to get the tattoo removed from their clinic. Ariana was quick to shut down all rumors. There is no further news of Ariana getting the misspelled tattoo removed. Ariana has, however, had many cover-up tattoos over ones that did not stand the test of time. 



Rihanna Chest Tattoo Removed?

Rihanna before and after her chest tattoo | Celebrity Tattoo Removal
Sources: (left), (right)
The Wild Thoughts singer has about 25 tattoos all over her body. The most striking of this lot is the tattoo of the Egyptian Goddess Isis inked across her ribcage, with wide-open wings. This tattoo was a tribute to her grandmother, whom she lost to cancer. Rihanna continues to cherish this body art. Can’t remember how she looked without this iconic tattoo? Look at the picture!  


Machine Gun Kelly Tattoo Removal

Machine Gun Kelly Tattoo Removal
Source: Popbuzz

According to rumors, rapper Machine Gun Kelly had removed all of his tattoos for the Netflix movie, The Dirt (2019). The film is about a famed 80s band Motley Crue, where Kelly plays Tommy Lee, the band’s drummer. Rumors aside, MGK didn’t let go off his iconic tats. He underwent tattoo cover up (airbrush) for 4 months every day to get the right look! Recently,  Kelly and his fiancé Megan Fox got matching voodoo doll tattoos.


Pete Davidson Tattoo Removal

Pete Davidson Tattoo Removal
Source: BuzzFeed

Pete Davidson almost has 100+ tattoos all over his body. “Burning them off is worse than getting them,” is what he shared on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Pete decided to laser off his tattoos because of his acting career. He realized that coming to sets 3 hours prior the shoot to cover up the ink wasn’t worth it. He further added that “If you’re going to get tattoos, just make sure you really, really want it — and aren’t on mushrooms”. Noted Pete.



Ben Affleck Back Tattoo Removal

Ben Affleck back tattoo removal
Source: Quora

Ben Affleck, after making headlines by calling his huge colorful phoenix tattoo a FAKE, quickly corrected himself in later statements. Jennifer Lopez slammed the tattoo by calling it “awful”, and it was rumored that she hated the tattoo so much, she wanted Ben to get it removed. Reportedly Ben did take a few laser sessions in order to get the phoenix tattoo removed, however, no news about his tattoo removal resurfaced after this.



Presley Walker Gerber Tattoo Removal

Presley Walker Gerber Tattoo Removal

Son of famous actress/model Cindy Crawford recently removed a cheek tattoo saying “misunderstood”. All other inks on his neck and knuckles are still there.



Jamie Foxx Head Tattoo Removal

Jamie Foxx Head Tattoo Removal

Jamie Foxx, according to many sources, gifted a head tattoo to himself on his 40th birthday. It’s a tribal head tattoo, which is rumored to be a cover up for something else – a hair transplant maybe? However, there’s no news stating that Foxx intends to remove his tattoo.



Amanda Bynes Face Tattoo Removal

Amanda Bynes Face Tattoo Removal
Source: Instagram

The ‘What A Girl Wants’ famed actress Amanda Bynes is undergoing face tattoo removal. According to her Instagram updates, Amanda has decided to say goodbye to the heart inked on her right cheek. Apparently, she also had a similar heart tattoo above her eyebrow at one point, which is now not visible.

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