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Want to know if the colors of your tattoo are laser-removal-friendly? Keep reading!

Tattoo removal has become a realizable and easier process, thanks to laser tattoo removal. To understand the science behind laser removal, check out the article Put simply, the laser breaks down the tattoo ink particles into smaller fragments which are then disposed of by the immune system. The tattoo fades away with time.

But every tattoo will have a different experience during the removal process. This is because the speed and efficacy of tattoo removal depends on several variables. This includes tattoo location, size, age, and colors; skin color; amount of ink used, to name a few. In this article, we will understand how tattoo colors affect the removal process. 


What is tattoo ink made of?

What is tattoo ink made of? | Tattoo Removal

The tattoo ink primarily consists of two things – a pigment (the colorant) and a carrier solution. The carrier solution is responsible for carrying the pigment into the skin. It usually consists of an alcohol like ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol, or methyl alcohol that helps keep the ink evenly spread in the solution. It also blocks out pathogens from entering the ink. The solution may also contain other ingredients like distilled water, glycerine, and witch hazel. Tattoo pigments, on the other hand, are most commonly heavy metal compounds. They lend the tattoo its color. Red color may come from mercury, blue from cobalt, green from lead, chromium, or aluminum, and so on. While many producers now use organic vegetable-based pigments, it is not uncommon to see metal or plastic-based pigments in use. 

Since there are no explicit laws on tattoo inks, manufacturers are not required to disclose its composition information. This gives them the scope to mix ingredients that may not necessarily be safe and hygienic.


Lasers and Tattoo Colors

Why are tattoo ink colors important in the removal process? The answer lies in the workings of the laser. 

The laser machine emits quick bursts of light energy in very narrow frequencies. Each pulse has the power to heat the ink particles by a thousand degrees, causing the ink particle to shatter into smaller fragments. These energy pulses are selectively absorbed by the ink particles and do not cause any serious damage to the skin tissues. However, each tattoo color can absorb laser beams of a given wavelength only. If the laser uses a different wavelength, the ink will not absorb the light, defeating its very purpose. Some colors may have poor absorption power, reflecting most of the light that falls upon them. Such colors are difficult to remove. In removing different tattoo colors, the skin color will also matter. The closer the ink color is to the skin color, the more difficult it is to remove it.


Easiest Tattoo Colors to Remove

easiest colors to remove | Color Tattoo RemovalSome of the easiest colors to remove

Blacks, greys, and other similar shades are the easiest to remove. Of all, black is the easiest as it can absorb lights of all wavelengths. Darker hues of colors like green and blue come next on the list. These colors can absorb light more easily.


What are the hardest tattoo colors to remove?

What are the hardest colors to remove?(yellow, pink, etc.) | Color Tattoo RemovalSome of the hardest colors to remove

Lighter shades (orange, yellow, pink, light blue, etc.) and neon colors are the hardest tattoo colors to remove. White tattoo ink is the most difficult of all. It reflects laser beams of almost every wavelength. In fact, applying laser over it can darken the ink. And yet, tattoo removal of such colors is not impossible. It will, however, be a lengthier and more complex process. 


Color Tattoo Removal 

Can you remove color tattoos?

Yes, color tattoos can be removed. But depending on the colors of the tattoo, the results will be different. Different colors need lasers of different wavelengths. While some may be removed completely, some may only fade. Several other factors also affect the removal process, including skin tone, type of ink used, depth of ink, etc. Complete removal is always a possibility but is not a guarantee. 


Color Tattoo Removal Before and After

Color Tattoo Removal Before and After (Cover-up tattoo)

A cover-up tattoo requires lesser removal sessions.


Black Tattoo Removal

Can black tattoos be fully removed?

Yes, black tattoos can be fully removed. Black absorbs lights of all wavelengths and is the easiest color to remove. 


Black Tattoo Removal Before and After

black tattoo removal before and after


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