How To Remove Temporary Tattoos

Many people prefer and enjoy the art of tattooing that does not come with a lifetime commitment. Temporary tattoos are waterproof and can last anywhere from a few days to weeks. There is a variety of temporary tattooing to choose from, the most popular ones are:


Airbrush Tattoos

Airbrush Temporary Tattoo

A machine (airbrush) sprays the ink on the skin. The design can be created freehand or with the help of a stencil. Freehand tattoos can be time-consuming. These tattoos generally last for 2-14 days. Airbrush tattoos look just like a painting! 


Press-on Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos Press ons

Another common choice of temporary tattoos is press-on tattoos. The tattoo design is on a piece of water-absorbing paper. To apply, peel of its protective layer and place the paper on the skin. Wet its backside uniformly to transfer the ink onto the skin. Such tattoos can have an even shorter lifespan, a few hours only. 



Henna Tattoos temporary Body Art

Henna tattoos are made using the paste of Henna leaves. It is generally applied to the hands, arms, and feet. The henna paste is filled in cones. The tube is then used to draw on the skin. A mixture of lemon juice and sugar is dabbed on the tattooed area for a longer-lasting and darker color. This is done before the dried henna paste is scraped off. Henna tattoos last longer, for at least 2-3 weeks on average. 


Remove Temporary Tattoo

For whatever reason, you may wish to get rid of the temporary tattoo before its expiry date. Temporary tattoos can come off easily. There are several ways to remove temporary tattoos:

  1. Scrub – Use a homemade scrub pack or buy one from the market. Apply the scrub on the tattoo area and gently rub it in circles till you see the tattoo coming off. Take breaks in between to not overwork the skin. 
  2. Oils – Olive oil, baby oil, coconut oil, etc., can also help remove a tattoo. Apply some oil to the tattoo. Give a minute to let the tattoo absorb the oil. Using a cloth or a paper towel, rub off the tattoo. Too much oil can block pores so use it sensibly.

Apply Oil To Get Rid Of The Temporary Tattoo

  1. Tape – Stick a piece of clear tape on the tattoo. Rub against the tape. Finally, peel it off! Repeat this process as many times as required. Avoid using masking or painter’s tape.
  2. Cold Cream – Apply the cream onto the tattoo and leave it for some time. Rub off the cream using a piece of cloth to see the tattoo ink break away from the skin. 
  3. Chemical-based products – Using a chemical product like makeup remover, nail polish remover, mouthwash, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, or hydrogen peroxide can help break the tattoo pigment particles. Scrub a cloth or cotton ball dipped in the solution against the tattoo. The chemicals can sometimes cause a skin reaction. Try this only when other methods have failed. A patch test is advisable. 

Use gentle circular rubbing motions for only 20-30 seconds at each go. If there is any redness, rub ice over the region. Ultimately, use soap and warm water to clean the region. If none of these methods work on your tattoo, use a concealer or foundation to hide the tattoo when needed. The temporary tattoo is bound to disappear on its own. 


How To Remove Henna Tattoo

Removing henna may take longer. Some methods which may quicken the fading process are:

  1. Toothpaste – Apply toothpaste over the henna tattoo. Once dry, rub it off. The color of the henna should lighten up considerably. 

Toothpaste to remove semi-permanent henna tattoo

  1. Baking Powder and Lemon Juice – Apply a thick paste of baking soda and lemon juice. Keep it on for 10 minutes or wait until it dries up! Scrub the region and then wash it off with warm water. 
  2. Bleach – Bleaching can also help fade the henna stains. Apply the bleach and wash it off with cool water. Bleach can be harmful to the skin if applied too often. A single session might show satisfactory results. 
  3. Scrub – Gently exfoliate the tattooed skin with a body scrub. Do this regularly. 
  4. Salt Water Soak – Dip the henna into a bowl of salt and water solution. Do this for about 20 minutes every day. 
  5. Anti-Bacterial Soaps – Wash the henna with an anti-bacterial soap a few times every day. Remember not to overdo it! The skin may dry up due to excessive soap use. 
  6. Olive Oil and Salt – Soak the henna tattoo in a mixture of olive oil and salt. Then use a wet cloth to rub it off. Repeat this for the best possible results. 
  7.  Hydrogen Peroxide – Apply a generous amount of diluted hydrogen peroxide to the henna tattoo. Visible results in a single use. 
  8. Chlorine Water – Going for a swim may help you get rid of the tattoo! The chlorine in the water lightens the henna.

Swim Away Your Henna Tattoo!

Lastly, don’t forget to keep the skin moisturized. This will ensure that the skin does not suffer under any of these removal techniques. 

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