Neatcell Pen Review – Tattoo Removal

Neatcell Pen Review

Dewin’s Neatcell Tattoo Removal Pen is an instrument promising efficient and safe tattoo, spot and scar removal.  Just like any other laser tattoo removal procedure, this pen too uses laser technology to break down ink particles for the body’s immune system to eradicate. This beauty gadget has been popular in the market since 2019. The company claims that people can see drastic and coherent changes.

This article will review the Neatcell Pen– is it a successful tattoo removal at home method?


About Neatcell Pen

The Neatcell pen functions on picosecond laser technology and promotes itself to work on a plethora of skin issues effectively. This pen promises to remove unwanted tattoos, scars, pigmented areas, acne, freckles and other blemishes on the skin – without causing any side effects. Additionally, it claims to provide same results as clinical laser tattoo removal, without having to spending as much money.



Is Neatcell Tattoo Removal Pen FDA Approved?

Yes, the Neatcell Tattoo Removal pen is FDA approved.



How Does The Neatcell Tattoo Removal Pen Work?

The Neatcell Pen uses Pico laser technology. It is a non-surgical and non-invasive skin treatment method. It works by sending ultra-short pulses of energy (non-inclusive of heat) to the targeted areas. The photocaustic effect helps the ink pigments get fragmented into even tinier particles. This process is known as photoablation.

To know more about how picosecond laser tattoo removal works, click here.



How Long Does It Take For Neatcell Pen To Work?

The company recommends customers to use the Neatcell Tattoo Removal Pen 2 to 3 times a week for at least a month to see visible changes. During this period of time the pen will help in breaking down tattoo ink into smaller particles for the body to eradicate them.

There are two different types of Neatcell Laser Pens available – the Red and the Blue Neatcell Picosecond Laser Pen.



Red VS  Blue Neatcell Pen

It is important to understand the difference in the use of the Red and Blue Neatcell laser pens.

The red light picosecond laser pen is suitable for black tattoos. On the other hand, the blue light laser pen is useful for removing colorful tattoos. The blue laser pen is stronger and it is recommended to wear laser protection goggles while using it, which comes in the kit.

The blue laser pen has 9 output modes for different wavelengths and frequencies, mode 9 being of the lowest frequency. This one is suitable for beauty parlors, and must be operated by an expert. The red laser pen has 3 levels and is more suitable for domestic use.



Cost Of Neatcell Pen

Red Neatcell Tattoo Removal Pen costs $280.

Blue Neatcell Tattoo Removal Pen costs $280.

A combo pack of both Red and Blue Neatcell Tattoo Removal Pens costs $370.



How To Use Neatcell Pen 

Using a Neatcell Tattoo removal pen is not very complicated.

Step 1: Plug the laser pen into a power port. The digital screen on the pen will light up once powered on.

Step 2: Press “Inten” and “Hz/Fre” buttons in order to choose intensity and frequency respectively. It is suggested to start from the lowest frequency.

Step 3: Wear the laser protection goggles while using the laser pen. It is included in the Neatcell kit.

Step 4: Place the pen nozzle over the targeted spot and cover the whole tattooed region. IMPORTANT: Do NOT put the blue laser pen on one spot for more than 2 seconds.

Step 5: Apply repairing gel/cream after using the laser pen. Repeat this process (cream application) over the next few days as well. Also protect the treated spot from sun exposure.

Step 6: Repeat the steps twice or thrice a week for a month at least. 



Neatcell Tattoo Removal Pen Sales Package

The Neatcell Laser pen kit consists of:

  • 1-2 Neatcell laser pens (red/blue/both)
  • 1 charging cable
  • 1 safety goggles
  • 1 repair sticker
  • 1 user manual
  • 1 manual on “Laser Tattoo Removal – Everything you need to know”



Safety Instructions

Before using the Neatcell laser pen, keep the following things in mind:

  • Read the manual thoroughly before using the laser pen.
  • Do not use the blue Neatcell laser pen without wearing goggles.
  • Do not point the laser pen near the eyes, it can cause serious damage.
  • Do not expose laser beams at a spot for more than 1 or 2 seconds.



Neatcell Customer Care 

Phone: +1(833) 632-8235

E-mail id:




  • Efficiency: This laser pen is stated to be efficient for removing tattoos, acne spots, pigmented areas, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, moles, etc.
  • Cost effective: The device promises results of laser treatment at a much lower cost compared to laser clinics.
  • Fast results: Neatcell promises to work on the targeted area and problem faster than other alternatives. The laser showcases desired results in about 6 to 8 sessions.
  • Versatile: It can be used for many different skin issues and can be used both – at home or by specialists.




  • Risk: Improper usage of the laser pen can cause serious skin injuries (both short and long term) and pain.



Neatcell Pen Review – Does It Work?

The Neatcell Tattoo Removal Pen has received mixed reviews. Many people have claimed it to be incompetent, as there was no change in their tattoos despite consistent use. On the other hand, some customers saw good results, stating that they have seen changes in their tattoos to a certain degree.

Many reviews speak about the clear results they have seen with black tattoo removal. However, there are many unsatisfactory reviews on colorful tattoo removal.

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